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 Thank you to Linda Morand and MMM60s!

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PostSubject: Re: Thank you to Linda Morand and MMM60s!   Tue Feb 01, 2011 10:17 am

Dear Susan:

It is we who thank you, Susan. Your dedication and talent have been such a great opportunity for MMM60s to showcase their images. You have personally scanned over 5000 pictures, almost 20% of our collection of 25,000 images. You have also written so many of the blogs featured here, and were very instrumental, along with the technology guy, John, in moving over 15,000 images from the original MSN site. MMM60s would not be what it is today without you.

Through Facebook, we were able to find so many of the models featured here, most of whom visit but rarely comment. I am so glad I put you in touch with your partner.

We will certainly miss you and welcome you back at any time. Best of luck with your new endeavors and please remain a member here so you can announce your new projects.

Linda Morand

Linda Morand BLOG
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PostSubject: Thank you to Linda Morand and MMM60s!   Tue Feb 01, 2011 12:33 am

The sad news is that I will no longer be the Senior Editor/Archivist/Blogger at MMM60s. I’ve enjoyed all the various aspects of being a full-time volunteer at MMM60s for the last 2+ years. This is where my teenage dream of meeting models that I had long admired came true! Becoming friends with Linda and other models inspired me to explore new areas in which to showcase models from the 1940s onward.

The exciting news is that two other partners and I have formed a company to develop projects for these models and others in the fashion industry. With new projects already in the works, I must now give 100% of my working hours to our company.

It’s so wonderful that so many of us are finding unique and innovative ways to bring these models to both old and new generations of fans. Although I’ll no longer be volunteering at MMM60s, Linda and I are looking forwarding to working together on future projects.

Linda, thank you so much for giving me this incredible opportunity to live out my dream and work at something that I truly love and believe in. I appreciate all you’ve done for your fellow models…and especially for me!

Susan Camp
Former Senior Editor & Archivist
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Thank you to Linda Morand and MMM60s!
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