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 Erika Toth, Kathy Carpenter, Kathy Hanes & Kathy Johansson

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PostErika Toth, Kathy Carpenter, Kathy Hanes & Kathy Johansson

I finished the albums of Erika Toth, Kathy Carpenter, Kathy Hanes, and Kathy Johansson. All of their photos have been transferred from the MSN site.

Erika Toth: 1967 Riviera Sunglasses Ad

Kathy Carpenter: 1965 Glamour Magazine

Kathy Hanes: 1965

Kathy Johansson: 1972 October Elle Magazine
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Erika Toth, Kathy Carpenter, Kathy Hanes & Kathy Johansson :: Comments

good morning ladies & gents.......it feels kinda sad ...when exactly will the old site disappear......i must get in the habit of checking here every morn as I did on the old one.....I have always hated change being a stubborn cancer....maybe model history is the same......things look as if they are really happening.....GREAT WORK all of you faithful members.....yeaterday i went back to copy all of angoras great collages afraid that they would be lost forever ..... ......to all of you ....talk to you soon ....joan
To Susan And Joan
Post on Sat Jan 31, 2009 9:42 am by MMM60s-LM
Susan, thanks for those pictures and the work you are doing on the albums.

Joan, It is great hearing from you again. Yes, this forum is not as lively as the last one. We have all been so busy moving and renaming files and changing albums around etc. Soon the whole gallery will be in order and then we can concentrate more on setting up a lively forum where we can chat. i have been very active on facebook and have made many fashion friends there.

I am in the process of moving and will not have Internet access for awhile. i will try to get to an internet cafe to check in...

We love having your input!

Erika Toth, Kathy Carpenter, Kathy Hanes & Kathy Johansson

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