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 Outpouring of tributes to Gleb Derujinsky 85th Birthday

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PostSubject: Outpouring of tributes to Gleb Derujinsky 85th Birthday   Tue Mar 23, 2010 1:52 pm


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12 new photos

Virginia MacGregor Mr. Derujinsky, Wishing you a very happy birthday.
Thank you for pioneering your unique and iconic style to the art world. With

Richard Brezner: To Mr. Derujinsky - HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one
of the ALL TIME greats in the field of photography. You, sir, are a unique
talent and someone I've always looked up to. A role model for generations to
come. Love from Cape Cod!
Diego de Alzaga
The divine Diana Furstenberg!
On the cover of Bazaar. Thank you for your passion.

Janice Rosen

Happy Birthday sir! Thank you for your wonderful work...
wishing you all the best.

Philippe Djanoumoff Happy
Birthday and many happy returns! I am glad to have to occasion to congratulate
you on your beautiful work, thank you, Linda, as well to give me this
opportunity. Love.

Susan J. Cook Alveshere Happy Birthday to a man who has given so much to
the industry. We appreciate your artistry, your wisdom, and your forward
thinking that really shaped the market. Be blessed and have a GREAT day!

Barbara Tate Happy Birthday Mr. Deruijinsky, Having worked at Harpers
Bazaar magazine I can say your influence was great I especially love the B/W
shot of the Paris shot of the model on the river next to a car with Notre Dame
lit up in background such a technique / creative amazing shot before the world
of Photoshop.


Sarah Leddick And many more to come!

Gregg Nystrom Happy Birthday, Mr. Deruijinsky...thanks
for all the beautiful images! Hope your day is great! =o)

Alexandra Christiane Dear Mr. Derujinsky, Many wishes of your dreams to
come alive on your birthday celebration and for a magnificent year and many
more ahead with good health, love, joy, and art. God has made you a brilliant
artist appreciated by all. Many blessings, Best Regards, Alexandra Christiane

Janice Slater Wishing you a most wonderful Birthday Mr. Derujinsky.
Greetings from the beautiful Blue Mountains of Australia.

Steven Maginnis Happy birthday, Mr. Derujinsky. :-)

Margrit Ramme Dear Mr.
Derujinsky... I wish you a wonderful Birthday with many more to come... Thank
you for creating such a great body of work ...that we never stop to enjoy..
.you have..... and are touching many people with your art.... because your pictures
are exquisite...with an otherworldly quality,...they are timeless.!!!!...
I learned to appreciate high level photography since I worked a lot with Helmut
Newton .Please know how much you are being appreciated and loved for who you
are and for what you have contributed to the world of photography and of
fashion ...again, heartfelt birthday wishes from one of your many ,many fans..
..Margrit Ramme'

Marianne Pavlova Happy Birthday Mr. Derujinsky. Thank you for making our
world a more beautiful and interesting place.

Tom Haynes Happy Birthday Mr. Derujinsky. The world is a richer place
thanks to your beautiful work.

Patric Lehmann Dear Mr.Derujinsky. Wishing you the happiest of Birthdays.
I hope you have a wondrous day. Best, Patric Lehmann

To GLEB DERUJINSKY, Many happy returns of the day...thank you for
sharing your wonderful talent with us all.

Jeff Antonic Mr.Derujinsky, Thank
you for your years of innovation, superior and flawless lighting, composition
and trendsetting. Bravo !!..May "The master" have a wonderful
birthday!. All the best, Jeff Antonic

Josie Bell Celebration, oh
joy...the memories of so much creative force that has imprinted the way in
which we view beauty...thank you for all the greatness and for your sensitive
way in capturing nuances. Happy Day! Birthday greetings and best wishes for a
glorious day in every way.

Carole Mallory Happy bday Gleb,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Luba Zeleny Happy birthday Gleb and many many more to come ♥

Pam Barkentin Blackburn Happy
Birthday, Gleb. Your work continues to inspire!

Patty Sicular
DEAR GLEB, You are an
inspiration to us all with your otherworldly eye for beauty...I am a fan, and a
friend... I adore YOU and Wallis... and I know how hot you are, I saw the photo
of you and Wallis smooching, right after you met... I love you both ~~Many
Happy returns to someone who makes this world more beautiful.
Much love,


Danielle Daniels Leclair Have a wonderful birthday Gleb and many more

Kenny Kiefer Happy Birthday GLEB have always admired your work, your
work inspires !!!!!

Ramon Maldonado HAPPY BIRTHDAY GLEB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Kagel A most Happy Birthday
to you, and many more! Your work is most inspiring! Thank you, for it all! Laura

Kathleen Patane Happy Birthday to a man who made a
major impact in the world of photography! Your vision is inspirational. I
enjoyed reading your biography and hope that you'll be playing the piano at
your birthday party!

Christian Di Lalla Hey Gleb, Happy birthday!!!! My mentor is Bill Silano
and he told me that when he was coming up that you were a huge inspiration to
him. Silano will be turning 78 on March 28th! I was born on March 1st, so that
makes all three of us March, and I am working on carrying the torch bringing
back great photography! Again, Happy birthday GLEB!

Maura Gahan I just read your website and was in awe of your experience.
I certainly have admired your photos over the years but had no idea that you
started shooting, developing and printing your own film at the age of six.
Happy Happy Birthday.
Gleb Derujinsky

Corinne Charton-Grahn
A tremendously
huge happy birthday on this very special day. Kind regard

Stan Shaffer Gleb...I met you
back in the '60s and you were then a photographer that I not only looked up to
but I must say that you had a lot of influence on me.... I wish you the
happiest of birthdays and also wish to thank you for the inspiration you
provided me.. I was a good friend of James Moore and he was kind of a mentor to
me. And your photos often came up in our late nights at his studio on 19th street... Thank
you and bless you, Stan Shaffer


Valerie Trott Happy Birthday, May
your day be spent with love and happiness...

Kimberly Mack Happy Birthday Mr.
Derujinsky! May your special day be
spent with those you love and filled with your favorite things!

John Naitove Happy Birthday to a remarkable

Terance White Blessings on your day and your new year!!!!!!! Sir T.

David Reeves Many happy returns!

50s Fashion Models Happy Birthday, Mr. Derujinsky! One of my favorite
photos of yours is of Simone d'Aillencourt for the March 1959 Harper's Bazaar
(51 years ago this month!). Blessings to you each day of your new year! *~Susan

Arlette Biron What a class & elegance ! Congratulations ! MY BEST

Glenna Franklin
It is a pleasure to pay homage to you on your birthday, Mr. Derujinsky....
Wishing you

Arlette Biron Thanks for sharing the life's story of this genius of
photography & an amazing & passionate man.

Linda Morand BLOG

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PostSubject: Re: Outpouring of tributes to Gleb Derujinsky 85th Birthday   Thu Mar 25, 2010 2:31 pm


When I was a teenager in high school, and aspiring to be a cosmetic art director some day, I was fortunate to have an art teacher who mentored his students by exposing them to the very best professional work that was done. In my case, that meant poring over any issue of Harper's Bazaar, past or present, I could get my hands on—so that was my introduction to your beautiful photographs. It was a long time ago; I've been a fan ever since.

I remember being at the opening of your photography show that Gallagher mounted a while back, looking around and being awed by so much taste and imagination on display. Its great to have this opportunity to thank you for the inspiration, and the beauty and finesse of your work, and to wish you a very happy birthday!

—Barry Weinbaum
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PostSubject: Re: Outpouring of tributes to Gleb Derujinsky 85th Birthday   Fri Mar 26, 2010 4:38 pm

Your greetings have been sent Barry. Gleb and Wallis Derujinsky were very touched at his being so well remembered.

Linda Morand BLOG

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PostSubject: Re: Outpouring of tributes to Gleb Derujinsky 85th Birthday   Sat Jun 11, 2011 3:31 pm

Last year on his 85th birthday, Gleb Derujinsky and his lovely wife Wallis were so touched by the outpouring of good wishes from friends and fans on Facebook and MMM60s.

Linda Morand BLOG
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PostSubject: Re: Outpouring of tributes to Gleb Derujinsky 85th Birthday   

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Outpouring of tributes to Gleb Derujinsky 85th Birthday
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