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 Sunny Griffin -Joan Thompson_ Roger Prigent and Barry Weinbaum

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PostSunny Griffin -Joan Thompson_ Roger Prigent and Barry Weinbaum

From: SuperChic1966 (Original Message) Sent: 9/23/2008 8:28 AM
New member:
Barry4Beauty says:
I was an advertising agency Art Director, and a Creative Director at Avon Products. Just retired last month from Avon after 29 years there. I'm now working on a project about photographer Roger Prigent. I love your site. Thanks, Barry Weinbaum

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From: joanmtv1 Sent: 9/24/2008 7:13 AM
good morning Barry....this is Joan Thompson...I spoke to Roger a few months ago and he mentioned that you were trying to find some of his old photos...I know that his sister ferreted alot of them away in storage...quite a few of mine are his as well as he "discovered " me so to speak.....I'm sure alot of the ones here are his as well.....glad to know you have found us....I was trying to tell Roger about the site but it's unfortunate that he cannot see it properly.....Joanmtv

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From: SuperChic1966 Sent: 9/24/2008 11:57 AM
I remember working with Roger. I loved his studio. He was so friendly and up beat. A charming Frenchman.

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From: Barry4Beauty Sent: 9/25/2008 10:32 PM
Hi Linda,
Thanks for your message. I just read it to Roger, and it made him very happy. Among the tear sheets that he did save, I found the Family Circle January '67 cover that he did of you and JJ, and the same shot as a full inside page...so he must have liked it particularly. Forty+ years later, he's still friendly, upbeat and charming. Regards, Barry

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From: Barry4Beauty Sent: 12/24/2008 1:17 AM
Hi Joan,
Its Barry Weinbaum. Hope you are well. I e-mailed a response to your message months ago, but I now realize that it most likely "timed out" when I thought I sent it and it probably didn't reach you.
Yes, some of Roger's beautiful photographs were saved, thanks to the intervention of his sister and his studio manager. Been able to locate some others, from other sources as well. I am currently researching and archiving these irreplaceable photos.
Roger often speaks fondly of you to me, and is very proud to have "discovered" you. And he's always interested when I tell him about the messages on these boards. It is such a shame that he cannot view them. Roger has asked me to tell you that "HE SENDS YOU A BIG CHRISTMAS KISS".
Happy Holidays,

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From: Sunny Sent: 12/28/2008 2:39 PM
Hi Barry,
I rememeber Roger so well and worked with him lots over the years. He was always such fun to work with because he would yell "Zis is the one" over and over whenever he got a shot he liked, sometimes as early as the first or second frame. That was such a thrill as a model because so many photographers said little or nothing. Please send him my best and Happy New Year to you both. Maybe you remember me from Avon?

Sunny Griffin

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Sunny Griffin -Joan Thompson_ Roger Prigent and Barry Weinbaum :: Comments

Re: Sunny Griffin -Joan Thompson_ Roger Prigent and Barry Weinbaum
Post on Tue Dec 30, 2008 3:50 pm by Barry4Beauty
Hi Sunny,
When I read your message to Roger, he asked me to send you his love ("Such a good model and such a nice person"). The last few weeks, I had been keeping him informed of your accident, and your progress, as I read about it on this board. So it was great for him to hear from you. Roger, and I, join everybody in wishing you a full and speedy recovery.
Sunny, of course I remember you from Avon. You were still there when I got to Avon in April 1979. I remember those great presentations you would make. I think your role at Avon was quite ahead of its time. But actually, our paths had crossed professionally a few years before. About 1974, when I was an art director at Cunningham & Walsh, we worked together on a TV commercial for Jergens Lotion. I remember that we shot on location at a big house (maybe Bronxville NY?), we were shooting two Jergens commercials at the same time (one starring you, the other starring Jane Lee Salmons), and the director was Richard Heiman.
All good wishes for the new year,
Barry Weinbaum
Barry, Sunny , Linda and everyone else that browses through here today HAPPY NEW YEAR.......I haven't quite picked up the habit of checking out the chit-chat here yet but promise to in the new year.....have fun today......Joan

Happy New Year to you Joan and to everyone. We all have to get used to checking in here. Our old website will be gone in about a month. I sure do miss all that free service we had. but at least we have all found each other and there are other reunions going on that are not mentioned here. Let's hope that we can get off to a big start in 2009!

Sunny Griffin -Joan Thompson_ Roger Prigent and Barry Weinbaum

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