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For decades, famous actresses have been featured in ads for beauty products. This was also a way to publicize the current movie in which the actress was starring. Since March is the month of the Academy Awards (R), here are some popular movie stars of their day and the products they represented:

16 Top Movie Stars
1960 Lustre-Creme Shampoo

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An album has been created for Leonie Vernet, a model from the early to late fifties.
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7 NEW French beauty ads have been posted in various 60s Ad Campaigns Albums:

1945 Pepsodent

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In 1951, Lentheric introduced the Sheer Beauty line of makeup products. Here is a beautiful 1965 ad featuring Tamara Nyman that was meticulously restored by VOGUE SPIRIT:

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Dark haired lovely Nan Rees, known for her "Widow's Peak" hairline, was a successful model straight through the fifties; she now has her own album.
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In honor of Valentine's Day, for NEW ads with angelic themes have been posted in various 60s Ad Campaigns Albums:

1943 Chantilly by Houbigant

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Ann Klem, the beautiful blonde model with the all-American looks, now has an album of her own in "Fifties Models".
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A new album has been created in the "Fifties Models" section for Joanna McCormick.
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Three new albums have been created in "Fifties Models": Monique Chevalier, Ivy Nicholson and Lois Gunas Wideman.
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7 NEW Tangee lipstick ads from 1940-1957 have been added to the 60s Ad Campaigns Album: Other Beauty Ads: Makeup:

The ad campaign for Living Colors lipsticks ran in the mid-1950s. It was known for its bright red background and black-and-white photos of models in bold geometric shapes:

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A new album has been posted for fifties model/actress Nancy Berg.
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A new album has been added to "Fifties Models" (formerly "Bonnie Pix") on 50's-60's model, Gretchen Harris.
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An album has been made for fifties model Evelyn Tripp.
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A new album has been installed for Jan Rylander.
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Iris Bianchi has a new album of fifties images.
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New albums have been created for Simone d' Aillencourt and Sondra Peterson.
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Lucinda Hollingsworth has a new album in "bonniepix" Fifties Fashion.
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The first issue of HairDo magazine was published by Dell in May 1956. A NEW album has been created for some of the photos from that historic issue featuring top models from the 1950s. It can be found at the end of the Ad Campaigns Album: Hair Care Album:

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An album has been made for the beautiful Anne Saint Marie, one of the most successful models of the fifties.
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These beautiful Kodachromes and photographs of Christmas fashions were taken by Richard Avedon for the December 1946 Junior Bazaar magazine. They can be found in the Some Top 60s Photographers Album: Richard Avedon: Junior Bazaar Magazine 1945-1948:

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57 Christmases ago...

This Christmas Surprise is still a thoughtful gift for 2009...except for the man at the record store:

Dolores Hawkins
1952 Good Housekeeping Magazine


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An album has been created in "bonniepix" Fifties Fashion album for Rita Egan, who passed away last month on November 1, 2009.
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A new album has been created for Carmen Dell' Orefice a.k.a. Carmen.
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A new album has been created for Sunny Harnett.
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6 NEW Christmas beauty ads have been posted in the Ad Campaigns Album:


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Two new albums have been added to the "bonniepix" Fifties Fashion Era albums:
Dovima and Mary Jane Russell.
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There are now seven albums in the Fifties Fashion Era album:

Jean Patchett
Ruth Neumann Derujinsky
Suzy Parker
Nena von Schlebrugge
Dolores Hawkins
Lisa Fonssagrives
Dorian Leigh

More models will be installed, including Dovima, Sunny Harnett, Evelyn Tripp, Carmen, Nancy Berg, as well as lesser known models such as Joanna McCormick, Nan Rees, Patsy Pullitzer, Ann Klem & Bettina Graziani among others.
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My name is Bonnie Thomas and I have started an album called "bonniepix". This album encompasses mainly the models of the fifties.
As some of these women began their careers during the forties, and continued into the fifties, these images from the forties will also be included into their respective albums.
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7 NEW Hair Care ads have been posted in the Ad Campaigns Album: Hair Care:

1953 Lilt

1965 L'Oreal
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This 1946 ad for Du Barry's Primitive Red lipstick is RARE and quite unusual:

The painting in the background is The Old Checkered Inn in Summer 1946 by primitive artist Grandma Moses. Here...
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Two VERY RARE Chanel No. 5 fragrance ads have been posted in the Ad Campaigns Album: Chanel Album:

Chanel No. 5 was the first fragrance of Gabrielle Coco Chanel. It was created by perfumer Ernest Beaux in 1921 and has been sold ever since. Here is one of the earliest ads:

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5 NEW 1959 Jonathan Logan ads have been added to the Ad Campaigns Album: Jonathan Logan Album. More tiny waists and full skirts from 50 years ago!

January: Gillian Hart
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5 NEW photos have been added to the Portfolio Album of model-turned-actress Carol Lynley:

Spring 1955 Girl Scout Equipment Catalog

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Dayle Haddon had just been signed up by a professional modeling agency when she was featured in this 2-page beauty layout in the January 1967 Seventeen magazine:

Fast forward 42 years...

Here's Dayle still looking beautiful in a 2009 L'Oreal...
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6 NEW Coty ads have been added to the Ad Campaigns Album: Coty Album:



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5 NEW ads from the August 1955 Seventeen magazine have been posted in the Ad Campaigns Album: Jonathan Logan Album:

Jan Rylander

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4 NEW ads have been posted in the Ad Campaigns Album: Avon Album (1950s):


1954 Jean Patchett

1954 Jean Patchett
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NEW magazine covers have been posted in the Portfolio Albums of these models:

Suzy Parker: October 1950 Glamour
This is the earliest magazine cover that we currently have of Suzy Parker.

April 1957 Fotografia
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Anne St. Marie's Portfolio Album has been completed. Here is a sample of her beautiful covers, editorial layouts and ads:

October 1954 Charm magazine

October 1955 French Vogue magazine

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8 NEW Revlon ads from the 1940s have been added to the Ad Campaigns Album: Revlon:



I believe...
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Many famous models were featured in food and beverage ads. I posted these today in the Portfolio Albums of the individual models. I also posted an article about teen eating habits with a photo of Carol Lynley and Tommy Sands from the January 1960 Family Circle magazine:

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NEW covers of teenage magazines have been added to the following models' Portfolio Albums:

Rita Egan
August 1955 Seventeen

Bonnie Trompeter
January 1959 Seventeen

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I have added 5 NEW Chen Yu ads to the Ad Campaigns Album: Other Beauty Ads: Makeup. These ads were always sophisticated and often exotic. The Richard Hudnut Company created the Chen Yu line of makeup and nail lacquer.

Merle Lynn 1966
This ad can also be found in Merle Lynn's Portfolio Album.

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A NEW PORTFOLIO ALBUM has been created for Brooke Bundy, a popular teen model in the late 1950s/early 1960s. She went on to become a successful film and television actress. Here are a few of her photos:

August 1959 American Girl Magazine

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I posted 6 NEW Cutex ads today: 4 from the 1940s and 2 (double-page) from the 1960s. Here are a few:


1941 WWII Co-eds

I'm not sure who these models are in the 1960s ads. Can anyone help with names?
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It was so important in the 1950s for girls of all ages to strive to be PRETTY! That was the emphasis in these two beauty product ads, both for little girls...

1959 Realistic Little Miss Pretty Home Permanent
Ad Campaigns Albums: Hair Care

...and for America's prettiest teen-agers (as the...
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Click on TITLE to see all pictures and commentary
Elinor Rowley's modeling career spanned an entire decade from the early 1950s to the early 1960s. To me, she always looked like the very pretty and sweet "girl next door". I've been searching for some new photos to add to her album. I was excited to find a newspaper article about Elinor from 1956:

September 1, 1956
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I've posted 9 NEW PHOTOS in the History of Modeling Album: Some Top 60s Photographers: Richard Avedon: Junior Bazaar 1945-1948. They are all from the December 1947 Junior Bazaar magazine and photographed by Richard Avedon:

Cover Model: Anne Theophane "Theo" Graham (1926-1996)

These pages from the cover fashion editorial show that evening gowns...
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There are 8 NEW Coty ads in the Ad Campaigns Album: Coty from the 1930s to the 1960s, including one from 1963 featuring Pam Barkentin. Here is a sampling of one from each decade:



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This Memorial Day, I've posted two patriotic ads from Elizabeth Arden featuring the brave women who served our country as WACS, WAVES, SPARS, and WASPS during World War II:

Ad Campaigns Album: Other Beauty Ads: Skin Care

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